The New Utopian Vision for 2022

When I started The New Utopian last summer, it was in order to stave off boredom, exercise my writing muscles, and bring to fruition an idea which I have had for some time but never got around to making reality. I enjoy writing, especially essays, and so naturally I wanted a place to publish them for others to see. Additionally, I wanted to create a space where Christians and others of a more traditional, post-liberal flavor could post their work, whether it be an essay, a book review, poetry, a short story, or original artwork. I wanted it to primarily focus on the humanities and classical fields of study. In July of 2021, I created this website, making real my idea. My vision, and the vision of The New Utopian, is this:

The goal of The New Utopia is to provide readers with an accessible yet enjoyable experience of the humanities from a largely Christian perspective while also welcoming those of other faith backgrounds. We hope to share essays, poems, short stories, works of art, and critiques. We also hope to highlight the works of others, whether contemporary or historical. Our vision is to serve as an outlet for a diverse range of writers and content creators to share their work, while also being an informative and entertaining publication for a community of readers to enjoy.

The New Utopian About page

Last year I did not do the best job of staying true to this vision. I started out alright, writing twice in June and twice in July. Then I dropped off due to school being very busy, but also because I was just not committing time to writing and taking care of the website like I should have. I came back in October with three posts which were all of high quality, but then dropped off again until Christmas Eve.

This year, though, I am renewing my commitment to the website. I will hopefully write at least one piece every other week, making The New Utopian’s activity more consistent while still retaining high content quality.

I am also pleased to announce that there will be at least two additional contributors to The New Utopian, but very possibly more than three. I believe they will be able to add valuable content and insights and help accomplish my vision of creating “an outlet for a diverse range of writers and content creators to share their work, while also being an informative and entertaining publication for a community of readers to enjoy.”

Here are some steps I am taking in 2022 to put my vision into practice:

  • Bringing on more contributors
  • Posting frequently and consistently
  • Sharing more creative work such as art, photographs, quotes, and poetry, sometimes original and sometimes republished
  • Creating partnerships with other content creators, websites, and publications
  • Advertising through various means
  • Creating and growing a community of readers

It’s not much, and hopefully far more can and will be done, but these are the necessary steps that must be taken in order to go from being merely a vision to a reality. I am optimistic for the future and look forward to seeing what will be achieved in 2022.

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