My Reading List for 2022

As one of the new authors for this site, I thought I would put together what I consider to be my reading list for this upcoming year, as John Thomas and thecockymathematician did. Just like them, I have separated my list into fiction and nonfiction.


  1. The Constitution of Liberty- F.A. Hayek
  2. The Collected Scientific Papers of Paul A. Samuelson – This is the equivalent of many years of research so it’s a bit ambitious putting this on the list
  3. Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman
  4. The Psychology of Money- Morgan Housel
  5. The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior- John Von Neumann and Oskar Mortensen
  6. Leonardo Da Vinci- a biography by Walter Isaacson
  7. Economic Forces at Work- Armin Alchian -> This is similar to the Samuelson Papers in that it is pages upon pages of economic research and theory, which may make it a slow read
  8. The Life and Times of James A Baker III- Peter Baker and Susan Glasser
  9. The Right Side of History- Ben Shapiro (yes, a political book)


  1. The Tale of Desperaux- Kate DiCamillo

Out of all of the works listed here, I’m most looking forward to the Theory of Games and Economic Behavior and the Walter Isaacson biography. Armin Alchian also intrigues me, as I have enjoyed some prior work of his.

You may have noticed that many of these books contain material that is mostly academic in nature. As a student of both economics and mathematics, one of my passions is reading up on things that may not be covered in the classroom and seeing where I can apply that knowledge should the time arise.

What to Expect in future articles

The main reason why I joined this publication is so that I could give analysis from an economic point of view on select issues. In addition to that, you all can expect anything from book reviews to reflections on various religious topics.

If you enjoyed reading this, or anything else from the staff here at The New Utopian, consider subscribing.

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