Democracy Indicted

On Tuesday, the United States held midterm elections. Many Senate seats and Governorships were up for election, as was the whole House of Representatives, plus a host of state ballot initiatives. Right now, the final results of the House and Senate are still unclear. The count continues in Arizona, and Georgia will go to a run-off election thanks to the Libertarian Party. J.D. Vance won in Ohio and Republicans made huge gains in Florida. Wisconsin went for the GOP in the Senate, and it seems as if Nevada may go red as of the writing of this post. Pennsylvania will see Fetterman, a mentally inept and radical pro-crime candidate, win. The fate of the Senate and House are unclear. Unfortunately, we have definitive results for all the abortion-related ballot questions, and the outlook is grim. In several states, like California, Michigan, and Vermont, abortion rights through all nine months were enshrined in their respective constitutions. In Kentucky, a pro-life amendment failed by fairly wide margin despite Republicans dominating at all other levels.

All of this is contrary to what many were forecasting, especially on the Right. On election day, I saw a whole lot of “red wave” posting. Leading up to the election, people were predicting that the economy would play a huge role, but it doesn’t seem to have done much. Instead, it seems Republicans will, at best, squeak out a victory of 1-2 seats in the Senate and a tiny majority in the House. At worst, Democrats will maintain their control of both. Regardless of what happens, life will probably not change too much. Even if Republicans win, what will seriously change? Likely nothing. More of the same for another two years until an even more contentious presidential election.

Ultimately, though, I want to highlight some of my takeaways from this election and the general situation in the United States.

First, some commentators have looked at the numbers concerning the “direction of the country” and overall satisfaction with how things are going and concluded that since a great majority of people are heavily dissatisfied with the direction the country is headed, that must mean that people are dissatisfied with the Democratic Party, since it currently holds power. This is simply not the case. Remember, the Left will always see itself as the underdog, as fighting the status quo. It is impossible for them to admit, in their ideological framework, that they are the ones who hold power and are responsible for anything going poorly in society. Therefore, I suggest that most Democrats or leftists who say they are dissatisfied with the direction the country is going do so because they sincerely believe that the Right is responsible for our current woes, and that fascism is just around the corner. How many times this election were we told that a Republican victory would mean the “death of democracy” and that Tuesday, November 8th, would be the LAST DAY of democracy in America? Too many. And yet every reasonable person knows that “our democracy” would be perfectly fine if Republicans gained power in Congress. Congress typically changes hands frequently. The GOP had the presidency and both houses of Congress from 2017-2021, and NOTHING HAPPENED. “Our democracy” is still around, still “functioning” (though I think that claim is extremely dubious), and the left is winning the ideological battle. But there are a lot of unreasonable people in this country, so you cannot expect reasonable votes. It does not matter how poorly the economy is doing. Democrats will blame anyone but themselves and they won’t change their vote. Plus, they probably see baby-killing as more important than being able to afford basic goods anyway.

The bottom line here, to me, is that we are not an educated or reasonable nation. I don’t think I need to explain this. Our education system is laughable, and the population is hypnotized by social media, cable news, TV shows, football, and porn. Do you seriously trust the Tik-Tok generation to make decisions that are informed by rational, long-term thinking? Do you trust the average voter with your life? Clearly voters in America love the idea of killing babies in the womb. As a Catholic, Christian, or even just a right-winger for that matter, do you feel good about this? As a Right winger or just plain conservative, do you think your family’s wellbeing should be in the hands of single, liberal, college educated women?

This leads well into the demographics problem the Right is facing. We are losing the demographics battle. Voters in America today are just liberal. Urban areas are growing, and rural areas are declining. Immigration is changing the racial makeup of the country and it isn’t benefitting the Right. Young people voted overwhelmingly for Democrats, by higher margins than any other age group went for either party, and it’s not even close. A significant portion of Republicans are just moderate conservative liberals with a libertarian conception of rights and social policy. These are the people who are flimsy on abortion and think drag queen story hour is okay because it’s freedom of speech, as long as you don’t make their kid go. With this being the case, I think the chances of Republicans winning the presidency or even Congress are dwindling. I don’t want to say it is impossible for the Republicans to shape up or win the presidency again is impossible, but I am by no means confident of their chances going forward. If anything, this loss may encourage many Republicans to become more moderate and liberal.

Already I have heard many people, both online and in real life, blaming Trump and his “extremist” candidates for this loss. Well, what good is a “moderate” Republican, really? And have “moderate” Republicans actually performed well? Last time the GOP ran a moderate, Romney, they did miserably. And when “moderate” Republicans control Congress, nothing significantly good ever happens. At best the economy is just a bit better, but what does it matter if we know the Democrats will just win two or four years later anyway? I have also heard people blaming the abortion issue, too, saying Republicans went too hard in favor of the pro-life cause. This really infuriates me. God, are we really so spineless and cowardly that we are willing to back down from defending innocent children being slaughtered in the womb? Are we really willing to throw our values away? Do we really think it will help to tell liberal women that, yes, actually, it is okay for you to have unlimited casual sex and the ability to kill the child in your womb? Conceding is not how you win. When you give the left an inch, they’ll take it all. There is no point in conceding on the abortion issue. Even if Republicans embraced abortion, the Left would just shift to another definitive issue as they have done in the past.

As if it weren’t bad enough, in other parts of the world, we have radical communists winning elections. Lula “won” in Brazil (he had some “help”) and his victory is now certain. The Ministry of Defense in Brazil announced just hours ago that they found no fraud in the election. Say goodbye to that democracy. The U.K. is a disaster. Their so-called “Conservative” Prime Minister is nothing less than a liberal globalist. Germany is a disaster. It’s old news now, but Macron won in France. Trudeau remains in power in Canada. The UN and the WEF continue to get their way. The Liberal World Order is alive and well, and democracy works its destructive magic. Are these outcomes worth being democratic? Democracy enables the worst elements in society to have influence. It enables unintelligent, insane people to have as much of a say as reasonable family-men and women. It enables voters to decide that killing babies even when they’re born is, actually, okay (this really happened in Montana yesterday, by the way). It enables voters to give power to senile, mentally inhibited and completely deranged candidates.

It seems very clear to me, at least, that democracy is not producing good results. Democracy is not making the world a better place. My life is not being improved by democracy. Prices are higher under the “party of democracy,” my communities are being ripped apart, and my religion is being decimated. My values are being rejected. Our public (and even private) schools teach students to be atheist communists. Social media and the internet more generally are corrupting the youth in very real ways. Children are being murdered before they are even born. Fewer and fewer people are getting married. Violent crime is on the rise. Housing prices are through the roof. Transgender ideology is being shoved down our throats at every possible opportunity. Drag queens are being introduced into ever place they can be. It’s more than just a bad economy. The social fabric, morality and virtue and faith, are all under attack. I could name a thousand things that are wrong and that are getting worse. I’m sure you can think of plenty.

Therefore, I ask, what good is democracy when a too-large portion of the voters are God-hating leftists who want to kill children in the womb, groom schoolchildren, and let serial criminals run loose on the streets? I do not support democracy if it means the People are allowed to enact downright evil laws and elect senile, corrupt, evil politicians. Clearly the idea that the people would just “vote out” bad eggs and select competent people to represent them is completely bogus. The vision that our Founders had—that of a well-educated, Christian, and patriotic electorate, who elect generally decent candidates, with plenty of checks and balances against mob-rule—has been thrown out the window. It is not the scope of this post to cover when, why, and how this happened, but I think the midterm we just witnessed is proof that it has happened. I often hear a lot of people complain that monarchy allows children or mentally handicapped people to become king, yet clearly the mentally handicapped or dead are not precluded from winning office in America. This is not even necessarily to say that a monarchy is the best system, but clearly these silly attacks against it simply do not hold up.

The mob has proven time and time again throughout history to be as destructive and tyrannical than any dictator or King. It is the mob who thrusts a tyrant into power, as Plato so wisely pointed out. I stand with nearly all the political philosophers of Antiquity and Christendom, and every Reactionary thinker thereafter, in proclaiming democracy to be the least favorable form of government, a form of tyranny by itself.

Finally, it seems no Christian Nation can exist at this rate. In fact, I think we can safely say that America has totally ceased to be a Christian Nation at this point. No Christian Nation in history has legalized abortion through all nine months anywhere in its borders. No Christian Nation has legalized gay “marriage.” No Christian Nation allows drag queens in schools or gender-ideology to dominate the medical field and psychology field. No Christian Nation has plummeting Church attendance and government persecution of churches. We are not a Christian Nation, though we certainly once were, and we drift further and further away from God every day.

This was a quickly written piece and reflects my current state of mind. Some things here may be slight exaggerations in the heat of the moment, but overall, I find that this election is confirming most of my “doomer” suspicions about the current trajectory of the United States and the world as a whole. I am increasingly convinced that there is no political solution, and that we must, as Julius Evola suggests, “ride the tiger.” I have more to say on this. I’d like to write some more in-depth and serious treatments of liberalism and democracy, or maybe just reactionary and dissident Right-wing thought. Probably both.

Anyways, I thank you for reading this post. If you enjoyed this post or any others here at The New Utopian, consider liking them and subscribing to receive future posts directly in your inbox,

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