Albion Rose by William Blake


Cannibals All! – Modern man seeks pleasure in the devouring of human flesh. Contra Hobbes: Life has been made long, nasty, and brutish by design.


Of Law – The accumulation of law in dying States are like scaffolding and building material, mere tools to maintain a dead God.

So it was with Apollo, so it was with Mars, and now…?


Overcome the Modern World – What tremors happen when wandering in the cemetery of gods, forever lost among the gravestones of late greatness?

Yet, see how the Earth shakes when walking on the path away from Necropolis and toward the Sun…


Voice and Constitution – Loud voice, meekish constitution.


Of Idols – Many cheer the death of God and set up idols in his likeness.


Render Unto Caesar – Today it is said, “Render unto Caesar what belongs not to him and render not unto God what belongs to Him.”


Tragedy and Farce – Marx remarks somewhere that all world-historical facts appear to happen twice, first as tragedy and then as farce, but he has forgotten to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce, and the third time as tragedy, the fourth time as farce, and so on… that which happens in twos, repeats.


Of Constitutions – Constitutions are founded because the mind finds reason outside the heart. Verily, to forget is to reason well.

Show me a man who wishes to be ruled by paper and I will show you one who forgets.


Of the Greatest, Mediocre, and Weakest – The Weakest are naturally attracted to the Greatest, seeing themselves mutually as the Greatest’s tools and instruments. It is only through the Mediocre that hatred is inspired in the Weakest. Yet, to inspire anything in the Weakest, a kind of tainted-Greatness must emerge, limited by the conditions of mediocrity but still possessing some superhuman traits.

As revolt by the Mediocre becomes frequent, Greatness, even tainted, becomes rarer. What we observe, thereof, is a physiological depreciation.


Strength of Character – It is a strength of character to not engage with those who only ask.


The Depressive One – Great is the reverbs and echoes of foreboding to the depressive one. 


The Delusion of Humanism – The hypocrites of today who speak of humanity are equally as terrible as their counterparts. The humanist will boast boldly of neighborly love, yet ask him, “What room do you have for your enemy?” and see how the humanist reveals his frilled-neck. Watch as he foams at the mouth rabidly. Wer Menschheit sagt, will betrügen.


The Servant  Sayeth the servant who ignores his bondage, “I am free, I am my own judge.”


Of Health – The mind channels the passions’ energy into dispositions which lead to the continuous self-development, or realization, of the soul. In doing so, man realizes himself-in-himself. 


Freedom of the Will – Under the command of my soul, what freedom is there?


On Education – That which calls itself education is sophism.


My Heart – I have lost my heart many times, but I am fortunate, some have lost their heart forever – often to their mind.


“There is no more than the eye can see” says he who stands on the shoulders of giants.

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